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6 Best Resorts in Koh Kood You Should Consider


As a Thai, Koh Kood Island (or Ko Kut) is one of my favorite islands. Located in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Kood features secluded white sand beaches, top-notch diving sites, and a pristine environment that you cannot find in Phuket, Koh Samui, or Koh Tao.

Although Koh Kood has a wide range of accommodations to select from, not every accommodation is worth staying in.

Therefore, I decided to write this article to separate the wheat from the chaff so that you can choose the right resort right away, practically saving hours of your valuable time.

Affiliate Disclosure: Tourist Sense uses affiliate links in this article. We will receive a commission from our partners if you book a room through those links.

However, we are always committed to integrity and transparency. You can be confident that the information we present here are unbiased.

Unless indicated in the citations, the property images on this article are provided by Agoda’s Image Links.

Best Resorts in Koh Kood are in Bang Bao Bay
Bang Bao Bay, Koh Kood by ltdedigos, standard license, depositphotos
Our Criteria

  • All hotels are located in Koh Kood.
  • The hotel must receive primarily positive reviews from actual guests: The verified review score across all review sites must be above 80% (8/10 or 4/5).
  • The property should have excellent hygienic conditions.
  • The hotel must provide good amenities and facilities that align with its official ratings (stars).
  • Free Wi-Fi must be available for guests.
  • All rooms must be air-conditioned.
  • The hotel must have a fully functional website and social media for guests to contact if needed.
  • If I had a chance to stay at the hotel, my personal experience must be positive.

The article will pinpoint the key strengths of each hotel. The information provided is from the hotel’s official website, public reviews across various platforms (We do read those reviews and use such data to evaluate comprehensive service quality), and my personal experience.

Our Top Pick

High Season Pool Villa & Spa

  • Spacious, well-designed villas
  • Unparalleled ocean views
  • Relaxing atmosphere
  • Excellent services

5-Star Resorts

1. High Season Pool Villa & Spa

Located near the Khlong Chao beach and the sunset viewpoint, this 5-star resort unarguably has one of the best locations in Koh Kood. From there, exploring the entire island and visiting its top attractions is effortless. Several restaurants and a supermarket are also nearby.

  • Address: 117 Moo2 T.Koh Kood, A.Koh Kood, Trat 23000 Thailand
  • Check-in: 2PM, Check-out: 12PM
High Season Pool Villa & Spa is unarguably the best resorts in Koh Kood.
Courtesy of High Season Pool Villa & Spa

Villa Types

High Season Pool Villa & Spa only offers pool villas. Hence, your room is guaranteed to have a private pool and a sundeck, and each can accommodate two adults and a child.

Below are all the options:

  • Deluxe Pool Villa – 95 SQM, Garden View, Twin or King
  • Grand Pool Villa – 130 SQM, Garden View, King only, Thai outdoor bath available
  • Beach Front Pool Villa – 180 SQM, Ocean View, King only, Thai outdoor bath available
High Season Pool Villa & Spa's spacious villas
Courtesy of High Season Pool Villa & Spa

All villas are incredibly spacious for two guests. Thus, the resort is an excellent option for travelers who prioritize large living spaces.

The design of each villa is Thai style with natural materials, so the ambiance is relaxed and fresh, offering opportunities for guests to alleviate stress and work fatigue.

Furthermore, each villa is equipped with a complete set of amenities. Guests residing in the Grand and Beach Front pool villa will be able to take an outdoor bath in a traditional Thai style, a unique experience that may not be available elsewhere.

Outdoor bath
Thai outdoor bath (Courtesy of High Season Pool Villa & Spa)

Facilities and Services

The resort features the following services and facilities:

  • Three beachfront restaurants and bars
  • A fitness center and an outdoor swimming pool
  • Comprehensive spa services, ranging from a steam & sauna room to massage and treatments
  • Complimentary breakfast for two guests
  • Off-resort personalized services, including sea and land excursions and cultural pursuits (like Muay Thai).
  • Special event services, such as a honeymoon anniversary and a beach wedding ceremony
  • Airport transfer and shuttle service
Courtesy of High Season Pool Villa & Spa

According to numerous verified guest reviews across various platforms, the services they receive from the resort are exemplary. You can then rest assured that you will have a memorable experience staying at this property.

2. Soneva Kiri Koh Kood

Soneva Kiri Koh Kood is the most luxurious of all Koh Kood resorts. Many Thais call it a “6-star resort”, a praise which is not far from reality.

If you desire a luxurious hotel experience, I do not think any Koh Kood beach resort has more to offer than this property.

The resort’s location is entirely separate from other hotels and villages, so the surroundings are pristine, which is best for guests who want private and exclusive stays.

  • Address – 110 Moo 4, Laem Pong Lak Uan, Koh Kood, Thailand, 23000
  • Check-in: 2PM, Check-out: 12PM

Villa Types

Like High Season Pool Villa & Spa, Soneva Kiri Koh Kood only offers pool villas, albeit with far larger ones as follows:

  • Pool Villa Suite (Bayview/Beach/Sunset Ocean View) – 403-482 SQM, 1 Bedroom, Stay up to 2
  • Pool Retreat (Beach/Sunset Ocean View) – 598-641 SQM, 2 Bedrooms, private spa deck, Stay up to 4
  • Pool Reserve (Bayview/Beach/Sunset Ocean View) – 641-1845 SQM, 3-5 Bedrooms, private spa facilities, a treehouse, and a waterslide, Stay up to 6-10

All villas have ocean views. However, sunset ocean view villas are perched high on the cliff, providing a fantastic view of the ocean, particularly during the sunrise and sunset.

Bedroom in Soneva Kiri, a luxury resort in Koh Kood

Bayview villas have an unobscured view of the stunning bay, while beach villas are on the lower ground, offering direct private beach access.

Regarding the views, I would say sunset ocean view villas offer the best ones. However, other types of villas do have gorgeous scenery as well.

All villas are spacious and undeniably the largest in all of Koh Kood. Also, each one is packed with luxurious room facilities, such as a private pool.

More luxurious villas will provide even more in-room facilities. These include a private spa and gym. Therefore, guests will enjoy unique, unforgettable exclusivity.

Facilities and Services

Soothing ambiance with remarkable sea views at Soneva Kiri

Apart from its top-notch in-room facilities and amenities, Soneva Kiri has even more to offer:

  • Complimentary breakfast for all guests
  • 6 Restaurants and bars, most of which are beachfront or poolside.
  • Fitness Center & Yoga Room
  • Complimentary access to the ice-cream parlor, chocolate room, and cheese & charcuterie room
  • A wine cellar
  • Game Room and Kids Club
  • In/Off-resort services, including diving, cooking classes, private cinema, and other sea excursions
  • Airport Transfer

The room rates at Soneva Kiri are probably the most expensive in Thailand. However, considering its magnificent, extremely spacious villas and world-class services, I would say the price tag is very reasonable.

Three and Four-Star Resorts

3. The Beach Natural Resort Koh Kood

This newly renovated resort is located near Bang Bao Bay and the national forest (technically a reserve). Thus, you can expect fresh air to flow from the forest and the sea, creating a relaxing environment optimal for rejuvenating your soul.

Some restaurants, a beach bar, and shops are nearby. However, they are not close enough to create a nuisance. You can then rest assured that staying here will bring you serenity.

  • Address – 47 Moo 5, Hat Bang Bao, Koh Kood, Thailand, 23000
  • Check-in: 10AM, Check-out: 12PM

Room Types

Unlike the two resorts above, this Koh Kood resort offers both cottages and villas to select from as follows:

  • Natural Cottage – 30 SQM, garden view
  • Crescent Cottage – 45 SQM, garden view
  • Beach Villa – 60-70 SQM, full & unobstructed beach view (15-30 meters to the beach), private pool
  • The Sense Villa – 70-80 SQM, private garden view, private pool
  • Tropical Hill Pool Villa – 95 SQM, garden view, private pool
  • Tropical Ocean Pool Villa – 165 SQM, full & panoramic beach views, two bedrooms, private pool

Note: The cottages and the tropical hill pool villa have a garden view, but each has a terrace facing the ocean. Thus, guests in these rooms can somewhat enjoy beach views.

The design of each room is modern, with some oriental aspects and a garden setting. Plants, flowers, and trees are all around, creating a serene atmosphere.

Since many room options are available, this resort is worth consideration for any tourist. Each cottage and villa may not be extremely spacious, but they are large enough for a couple to enjoy their stay.

Facilities and Services

Below are the facilities and services the resort provides to its guests:

  • Two open-air and beachfront restaurants
  • Complimentary breakfast for all guests
  • Spa and massage
  • Scooter/Canoe Rental
  • Airport Transfer and Shuttle Service

The only drawback of the resort is that it does not have a pool besides those equipped in the villas. However, the pool may not be necessary since you can swim at the private, beautiful beach instead.

Given this resort’s room rates are 50% cheaper than 5-star ones and you are not too concerned with the absence of some facilities, this resort would provide excellent value for money, and apparently the property you should consider for your next Koh Kood trip.

4. Wendy The Pool Resort

Wendy the Pool resort is a property in Koh Kood that offers an excellent alternative for tourists who want to stay in a spacious and comfortable villa with a private beach without breaking the bank.

The resort is near Khlong Chao beach, so going to several restaurants and a supermarket takes only a few minutes. In addition, there are some ATMs where you can withdraw money if needed.

  • Address – 143 Moo 2, Baan KlongChaow, Ko Kood, Trat, 23000
  • Check-in: 1PM, Check-out: 11AM

Room Types

This resort only offers two types of rooms, All of which are pool villas.

The size of the standard pool villa is 66 SQM. Each villa has a single bedroom with no private pool and almost no beach views, but all have direct access to the shared, huge outdoor swimming pool (claimed to be the largest in Koh Kood.)

Alternatively, you can opt for the beachfront pool villa, which is considerably larger (2 bedrooms). It also has a private pool and a beach view. However, booking such a villa is difficult because the resort has only one available.

Facilities and Services

The facilities and services this resort provides are more or less in line with standard 3-4 star resorts as follows:

  • Beachfront restaurant and bar
  • Complimentary breakfast for all guests
  • Outdoor pool and spa
  • Airport Transfer

Generally speaking, the only drawback of this resort is that most villas do not have a private pool. However, the resort has only 12 villas. I do not think the shared swimming pool will be too crowded.

Regarding room rates, you should expect to pay significantly less than the traditional pool villa on the island. Hence, the resort is an excellent choice for price-conscious tourists.

5. Hideout Koh Kood

Located on the quiet southern side of Koh Kood, Hideout Koh Kood is technically a reliable “hideout” for tourists who prefer the tranquility of nature. At this place, you can listen to the sound of the waves to relieve your work-related stress and rejuvenate your mind.

Furthermore, the resort’s location (near Klong Hin Bay) makes it an excellent sunset viewpoint. You may not need to travel off-resort just to appreciate the occurrence.

  • Address – 51/13 Moo 5, Koh Kood, Koh Kood, Klong Hin Bay, Koh Kood, Thailand, 23000
  • Check-in: 1PM, Check-out: 11AM

Room Types

Hideout Koh Kood has only one type of room, a compact villa whose size is 30 SQM. However, you can choose the view of your room among the following:

  • Garden view
  • Sea view
  • Beachfront (private beach)

Due to an absence of a private pool, each villa resembles a 4-star hotel room located in a small building of its own. Still, it provides considerable privacy to all its guests.

Since the sea view and beachfront rooms are slightly more expensive (around 20 USD per night) than those with a garden view, I highly recommend booking the former to make the most of your stay.

Facilities & Services

This resort offers outstanding facilities and services as follows:

  • A sea view restaurant and bar (Many previous guests noted that the food was exceptionally delicious.)
  • Complimentary breakfast for all guests
  • An outdoor swimming pool
  • Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Fishing, Squid Catching tours (Night-time tours are also available.)
  • Motorbike rentals
  • Shuttle services

The bottom line: With quality rooms, sufficient facilities, and a serene atmosphere, the resort offers a good value for money.

6. Rest Sea Resort Koh Kood

Rest Sea Resort Koh Kood is another excellent option for budget travelers, especially for those who want to stay in pool villas in Koh Kood. You can enjoy a well-equipped pool villa by paying much less than the standard rates.

Since the resort is near Ao Phrao beach, several restaurants and cafes are nearby. You will have good dining options throughout your stay.

  • Address – 143 Moo 2, Baan KlongChaow, Ko Kood, Trat, 23000
  • Check-in: 2PM, Check-out: 12PM

Room Types

Each room demonstrates a modern design with some wooden furniture and blue-dyed fabric to symbolize southern Koh Kood’s environs: “the sea circled by the coconut forest.”

The resort offers four room types as follows:

  • Twin Villa
  • Deluxe Villa
  • Deluxe Pool Villa
  • Beachfront Pool Villa

Every room type is essentially the same regarding size (24 SQM) and amenities. The only difference is that only pool villas have a private pool.

However, the first three room types all have a garden view. Only beachfront Deluxe Pool Villa has an ocean view.

Facilities & Services

The resort provides the following facilities and services:

  • Restaurant and Bar
  • Complimentary breakfast for all guests
  • Outdoor pool

Although its facilities could not match that of more high-end resorts, the room rates are very budget-friendly, and the room quality is superb. Hence, it is a reasonable choice for tourists who plan to spend most of their time outside the resort (diving, fishing, etc.)

Cheap Koh Kood Accommodations

All 3-star Koh Kood resorts I mentioned above are already inexpensive. However, if you want those with an even lower price tag, below are Koh Kood accommodations you may want to consider.

  • Siam Beach Resort – A well-located two-star resort in Bang Bao Bay. All the rooms are spacious and well-equipped, and the room rates are affordable.
  • Koh Kood Far East Resort – A three-star resort offering a spacious room and a complimentary breakfast for all guests at a reasonable price
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