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9 Best Hotels in Silom for Tourists | Worth the Price


The Silom area is the key business district of Bangkok, plus it has multiple nightlife venues, lively street food markets, and numerous exceptional restaurants. As a Thai, I visit Silom almost every week to dine in and order noodle soups and dumplings to take away.

As a “versatile” area, Silom is unarguably one of the most popular places to stay in Bangkok, especially for young adults.

With hundreds of accommodations available, not all Silom hotels are worth booking. Some charge a high price per night, but the rooms are not in good condition. Hence, I decided to write this article to pinpoint the best ones that offer value for money so that you can book the right hotel immediately without spending hours researching.

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Best hotels in Silom Area should be in the eastern district.
The Silom Area, Bangkok, by chatnara/ShutterStock

Things You Should Know


Before booking any hotel in Silom, it is crucial to drill deep into its location. Some accommodations indeed charge meager room rates. However, they may be located in primarily dilapidated parts of Silom. You may end up staying in a lifeless, undesirable area, which can even be dangerous at night.

Best Areas (Subdistricts) to Stay in Silom

There are many sub-districts in the Silom area since the main road is 2.78 km long. These sub-districts are very different.

The eastern districts that are next to Lumpini Park are lively day round. This is because of the presence of various offices, street food markets, and nightlife venues (Patpong.)

Undoubtedly, most hotels are located in this area. Hence, it is the best choice for young adults to find accommodation in Silom.

by chatnara/ShutterStock

The central districts around the Chong Nonsi station and the Hindu temple are also crowded since international firms and companies are in this area. Thousands of Thais also visit the Hindu temple and shop at street food markets.

Hence, the atmosphere there is lively. It is also more family-friendly than the eastern districts since there are fewer nightlife venues. The drawback is that a BTS Skytrain station may not be within walking distance of some hotels.

If you want to stay in this area, ensure your accommodation is not far from the station.

Chong Nonsi is an area where you can find the best hotels in Silom
A public skywalk near BTS Chong Nonsi Station by APChanel/ShutterStock

The western districts around the intersection of the Silom and Mahesak roads used to be more vibrant, with numerous shops opened by ex-pats, especially South Asians.

Unfortunately, this area suffers the most during the pandemic. Many shops went bankrupt and closed their doors. As of early 2023, this area is still under a slow recovery, which makes it not the best choice to stay in Silom.

Also, it would be more convenient to catch a taxi or Tuk Tuk to visit tourist attractions as a Skytrain station is far away.

Is Silom kid-friendly?

The Silom area is vast, so this may differ. Specifically, the central districts around the Chong Nonsi station are somewhat kid-friendly, while the eastern districts around the Patpong market are generally not.

Suppose you plan to visit Bangkok with your kids or the elderly. I would advise booking a hotel at Siam or Chaopraya Riverside instead, as they are much more family-friendly than the entire Silom area.

How to Get to Silom Hotels?

Located at the heart of Bangkok, Silom is accessible from the airport through many means. However, I recommend taking an airport taxi for most tourists.

Bangkok Taxis
Bangkok Taxis by 9Tiw/ShutterStock

The reason is that the Bangkok subway system has very limited escalators and elevators. If you have large suitcases, you would need to carry them up/downstairs on your own, which is not the experience you would be looking forward to.

Furthermore, Bangkok’s taxi rates are generally inexpensive, especially for families and groups. Taxi drivers always use the fare meter if you get in at the airport, so you have a much lower chance of getting scammed.

However, as of 2023, you may need to wait in line for airport taxis for an hour or so. This is because fewer taxis are in the capital due to the absence of tourists during the pandemic. 

Alternatively, you can contact your hotel in advance to schedule private transportation, so you do not have to wait. The only drawback is that most hotels charge significantly higher rates than airport taxis.

Suppose your hotel does not offer airport transfers or you do not want to wait an hour for a taxi, I suggest booking private transportation (vans) through Viator. This option is not cheap, but it can save you valuable hours in the city. Many Thais, including me, use this option to avoid frustration at the airport.

  • The hotel must receive primarily positive reviews from actual guests: The verified review score across all review sites must be above 80% (8/10 or 4/5). We also read those reviews and use such data to evaluate comprehensive service quality.
  • Prime Location: The hotel must be within walking distance from BTS/MRT stations, a network of restaurants, or entertainment venues.
  • The hotel must provide good amenities and facilities that align with its official ratings (stars).
  • Free Wi-Fi must be available for guests.
  • Overall, the hotel must offer excellent value for money.
  • The hotel must have a fully-functional website and social media for guests to contact if needed.
  • If I had a chance to stay at the hotel, my personal experience must be positive.

Best Luxury Hotels in Silom

Top Pick Silom (Luxury)

The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon

  • Excellent Location
  • Offer the most spacious rooms in Silom
  • Unparalleled views
  • Flexible check-in/check-out times
  • World-class services

1. The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon

The King Power Mahanakhon is undoubtedly a new landmark of Bangkok, and this hotel is located in that very building. Hence, guests can enjoy the spectacular panoramic views of the Bangkok skyline like none elsewhere.

Right next to the hotel is the Chong Nonsi BTS station, where you can take the sky train to explore Bangkok at will. Next to the hotel is excellent restaurants where I frequently dine in, a street food market popular among white collars, and numerous food stalls.

Furthermore, a King Power duty-free shop is also nearby, while the Patpong market and restaurant alleys of Silom are within walking distance. The location of this hotel is thus unbeatable, especially for first-time visitors.

  • Address: 114 Naradhiwat Rajanagarindra Road, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
by Party People Studio/ShutterStock


All hotel rooms are stylishly furnished in a contemporary style with colorful furniture. The best part is that beds in all rooms are placed facing forward sizable windows so that you can appreciate the magnificent views and natural light from your bed around the clock.

Below are the rooms that you can select from:

  • Standard King – 40 SQM/430.5 SQft
  • Deluxe King – 45 SQM/484 SQft
  • Corner King/Double – 56 SQM/603 SQft
  • Balcony Suite – 64-85 SQM/689-915 SQft
  • Suite Spot – 83 SQM/893 SQft
  • Penthouse – 105 SQM/1130 SQft (with a kitchenette)
  • Bigger Penthouse – 144 SQM/1550 SQft (with a full kitchen set up and a dining area)

All rooms are more spacious than that of other luxury Silom hotels. Each also comes with top-notch amenities, including a Nespresso coffee maker and a smart TV. Therefore, guests would have the utmost comfort staying in the room.

Facilities and Services

  • Standard Time (You can independently choose your check-in and check-out times)
  • 7 restaurants and bars: One of which is Sky Beach, which is one of the highest rooftop bars in Thailand
  • An outdoor swimming pool and a gym
  • Meeting rooms and events
  • Valet Parking
  • Airport Transfer

Bottom Line

The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakorn, is one of the best hotels in the Silom area. Its location is exceptional, allowing guests to visit all major tourist attractions in Bangkok without traffic jams hassle. All the rooms are well-designed and equipped with modern facilities.

The views from the skyscraper are also unparalleled. The Standard Time service offers total flexibility like no other. Essentially, this hotel has everything you need from Bangkok accommodation.

2. Montien Hotel Surawong Bangkok

Located strategically in the quiet corner of Surawong road (the eastern side not far from Silom road), Montien Hotel Surawong Bangkok offers direct access to both BTS and MRT stations (Sala Daeng and Samyan, respectively). Hence, in most cases, you can visit most attractions in Bangkok without worrying about traffic jams.

The Patpong night market and its many bars and restaurants are also nearby, making the hotel the optimal choice for guests who prefer exploring the lively nightlife there.

  • Address: 54 Surawong Road, Bangrak, Silom, Bangkok, 10500


The hotel has as many as 475 rooms. All feature a contemporary style with colorful Thai murals and legendary Thai Khomapastr fabrics, offering a cozy atmosphere that helps guests relax after a tiring day.

Below are the room options that you can select from:

  • Deluxe – 30 SQM/323 SQft
  • Premier – 32 SQM/344.5 SQft
  • Junior Suite – 56 SQM/603 SQft

Although the full-fledged suite or penthouse is unavailable, all rooms are spacious. In-room amenities include organic bath amenities, a working desk, and a smart TV to facilitate your stay. The hotel is recently renovated, so room facilities are up to the latest standards.

Facilities and Services

  • 2 Restaurants and Bars
  • An outdoor pool and a fitness center
  • Meeting rooms and ballrooms for meetings, seminars, weddings, etc.
  • Free Parking
  • Airport Transfer

Bottom Line

Due to its superb location next to the night market, Montien Hotel Surawong Bangkok is one of the best hotels in Bangkok for travelers who want to experience the nightlife.

Each room offers substantial living space and top-notch facilities to complement your comfort. All of these come at reasonable room rates. I have no reason not to recommend this hotel.

3. Le Meridien Bangkok

Le Meridien Bangkok is a luxury hotel strategically located at Surawong road (eastern side of Silom). From its excellent location, guests can conveniently visit every key tourist attraction in Bangkok through the BTS Skytrain and MRT subway.

The vibrant Patpong market and Silom business districts are also within walking distance. Therefore, the hotel is an excellent option for business travelers and tourists.

  • Address: 54 Surawong Road, Bangrak, Silom, Bangkok, 10500


All rooms feature straightforward contemporary designs with some traditional Thai decorations. My favorite part is that every room has a sizable floor-to-ceiling window that offers not only stunning views of the nearby skyline but also fresh, natural light to enlighten your mood.

The following are the room options that are available for choosing:

  • Deluxe – 36 SQM/387 SQft (You can select high-floor rooms for better views at the cost of 10% higher.)
  • Executive – 36 SQM/387 SQft (Room amenities and facilities are in line with Deluxe rooms, albeit executive rooms are perched on high floors, and guests would have club lounge access.)
  • Suite – 78 SQM/839 SQft
  • Presidential Suite – 165 SQM/1775 SQft

The rooms are spacious. Their size aligns with most 5-star Bangkok hotels. The room facilities are top-notch and innovative, including a smart TV with premium international movie channels, a marble bathroom, and an ergonomic workspace, providing sufficient comfort and relaxation throughout your stay.

Facilities and Services

  • 4 Restaurants, bars, and cafes: Based on my experience, the food quality from the Latest Recipe restaurant is top-notch. The seafood is fresh, while the desserts are savory. The price tag is also reasonable as well. 
  • A gym and an outdoor swimming pool
  • Spa facilities
  • Club Lounge
  • Meeting and event rooms
  • Airport Transfer
  • Free Parking

Bottom Line

Le Meridien Bangkok is an outstanding choice for travelers looking for a well-rounded hotel. Its location is perfect. The rooms are fully-equipped and reasonably spacious. The facilities and services it offers are among the best in the area. It is an absolute no-brainer to consider this hotel.

4. Crowne Plaza Bangkok Lumpini Park

Located near the intersection of Silom and Rama IV road, Crowne Plaza Bangkok Lumpini Park offers unobstructed views of Lumpini park and provides direct access to the Sala Daeng BTS Skytrain station and Silom MRT subway. You can then explore Bangkok conveniently without bothering to take a taxi.

The Patpong market and nightlife venues are within walking distance, offering access to many nightlife activities.

  • Address: 952 Rama IV Road, Bangkok, 10500


All rooms feature simple and sleek contemporary designs using a soft color palette, creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere that is optimal for resting.

The following are the room options that you can select from:

  • Standard – 34 SQM/366 SQft
  • Premium – 46 SQM/495 SQft
  • Junior Suite – 53 SQM/571 SQft
  • Bedroom Suite – 99 SQM/1066 SQft

Room facilities are full-fledged, including sleep & bath amenities, a coffee & tea maker, and a workspace. Each room has a comfortable living space, providing all your needs for in-room relaxation and working.

Based on my observation, the Premium room offers almost 40% extra living space but costs only 5%-10% extra. Therefore, this option would offer a better value for money.

Facilities and Services

  • 5 Restaurants & Bars – Xin Tian Di, the hotel’s Chinese restaurant, serves old-school Dim Sum, which is highly popular among the Thais and probably one of Bangkok’s best. I have had the opportunity to dine at Xin Tian Di and another restaurant, Panorama, several times. The food is tasty and definitely worth the price.
  • An outdoor swimming pool and a fitness center
  • Meetings & Events
  • Free Parking
  • Airport Transfer

Bottom Line

Crowne Plaza Bangkok Lumpini Park is undeniably one of the best accommodations in Silom when it comes to location. Guests can visit key destinations without wasting hours in traffic jams.

Furthermore, its well-equipped rooms are spacious and cozy, suiting tourists and business travelers. The staffs are amicable and professional.

Best Affordable Hotels in Silom 

Top Pick Silom (Affordable)

The Rose Residence Bangkok

  • Superb Location
  • Spacious rooms
  • Exceptional facilities
  • Affordable room rates

5. The Rose Residence Bangkok

The Rose Residence Bangkok is a hotel that offers excellent value for the room rates you pay. The hotel marks itself as an urban retreat where guests can take a respite from cacophonous urban activities outside.

The location of the hotel is superb. It is just a short walk from the Patpong flea market, while BTS and MRT stations are only minutes away (500-700 m.)

Address: 124 Soi Na Wat Hua Lamphong, Surawongse Road, Si Phraya, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500


The hotel offers three room types. Each features a modern design with distinct Thai vintage elements and decors, offering a unique experience compared to other hotels in Silom. The selections are as follows:

  • Deluxe – 32 SQM/344 SQft
  • Premier – 40 SQM/430 SQft
  • Suite – 72 SQM/775 SQft

The rooms are remarkably spacious. They offer more living spaces than most 4-star hotels in Bangkok. Room amenities are top-notch, such as an ensuite bathroom, comfortable bedding, and a sizeable smart TV. Guests would have the utmost comfort staying in the room.

Facilities and Services

  • A restaurant and lounge
  • An outdoor swimming pool surrounded by a lush tropical garden
  • A fitness center and a sauna
  • Airport Transfer
  • Free Parking

Bottom Line 

Among Silom’s best affordable hotels, The Rose Residence handily tops the list due to its excellent location, top-notch facilities, relaxing atmosphere, and amicable services. The hotel offers remarkable comfort at affordable room rates that suit any traveler who visits Bangkok.

6. The Quarter Silom by UHG

The Quarter Silom is another excellent hotel that tourists would prefer. This newly-built hotel is situated in the heart of Silom on a relatively quiet alley of Silom 6, which is not far from the Patpong Market, Silom Complex shopping mall, a little Japanese town in Thaniya, and all the entertainment venues.

In addition, not far from the hotel are Japanese and Thai restaurants popular among the Thais, so you will never run out of good dining options.

Sala Daeng BTS Station and Silom MRT are within walking distance (500-800 m). However, you will need to walk further than most other alternatives in this article.

  • Address: 162/6 Soi Silom 12, Bangkok 10500


Each room is decorated by sleek contemporary designs, featuring a stylish contrast between black and white (like yin and yang), creating a harmonious atmosphere.

The current room options available for booking are as follows:

  • Superior – 23 SQM/247.5 SQft (Twin/King bed options)
  • Deluxe – 27 SQM/291 SQft
  • Family Suite – 51 SQM/549 SQft

All the rooms offer considerable living space, plus essential room facilities to augment your stay, including a Smart TV with satellite channels, premium spa amenities, and refillable coffee and tea. Guests in deluxe rooms and family suites can relax in sizeable bathtubs.

Facilities and Services

  • A restaurant
  • An outdoor swimming pool and a fitness center
  • Sauna & Steam
  • Airport Transfer
  • Free Parking

Bottom Line

The Quarter Silom is an accommodation that a prudent traveler would prefer. The location is excellent due to its proximity to all train stations, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

All of its rooms are adequately spacious and equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, while the room rates are at half or even a fraction of luxury hotels in the Silom area. Generally speaking, I do not hesitate to recommend this hotel.

7. Passa Hotel Bangkok

Passa Hotel Bangkok is a newly-built boutique hotel that quickly becomes popular for tourists to spend a night in Bangkok city.

Regarding location, the hotel is located near the Sala Daeng BTS and MRT Silom station and next to the Silom Complex shopping mall. Dining options and shopping venues are all around. Nightlife venues are also not out of reach.

Address: Sala Daeng 2 Alley, Silom, Bangkok, Thailand, 10500


The hotel offers dozens of rooms that feature contemporary designs with some stylish East Asian-inspired elements. Every room has excellent facilities, including a 50-inch Smart TV, a Nespresso coffee maker, and a versatile work desk.

Below are the room options you can select from:

  • Superior – 22-24 SQM/237-258 SQft
  • Deluxe – 28-30 SQM/301-323 SQft

The room size is more or less in line with most other 4-star Bangkok hotels, offering adequate private space for two guests to relax comfortably.

Facilities and Services

  • A coffee shop
  • An outdoor pool and a fitness center
  • Meeting rooms and a lounge
  • Airport Transfer
  • Free Parking

Bottom Line

Passa Hotel Bangkok offers good value for money. The location is exceptional. Most attractions around Silom are accessible by foot. Furthermore, the rooms are brand-new and adequately spacious.

Hotel facilities are sufficient for guests who want undisturbed relaxation after an exhausting day. All of these come at affordable room rates, optimal for budget travelers.

8. ibis Styles Bangkok Silom

ibis Styles Bangkok Silom is a solid option for travelers looking for a reliable hotel in the prime location of Silom. This newly-built hotel is located right in the heart of the Silom business district, where many companies lodge their offices.

The Sala Daeng BTS station is also nearby, allowing smooth transit to other destinations in the Thai capital.


This concept of this ibis hotel is not very different from standard ibis hotels, which focus on simplicity and accessibility. All rooms feature trendy contemporary designs with colorful Art Nouveau decorations that promote guests’ relaxation and vigor.

The following are the room options you can select from:

  • Standard – 18 SQM/194 SQft
  • Superior – 19 SQM/204.5 SQft
  • Premium – 23-26 SQM/247.5-280 SQft
  • Family Suite – 38 SQM/409 SQft

The room size aligns with typical 3-star hotels in Bangkok, which conveniently suits two guests. Essential room facilities are provided, including coffee/tea-making facilities, a smart TV, and a plush bed.

Facilities and Services

  • A restaurant and a bar
  • A pool and a fitness center
  • A grand ballroom for meetings and events
  • Free Parking
  • Airport Transfer

Bottom Line 

Its location alone makes ibis Styles Bangkok Silom is a must-consider. Apart from that, each room has sufficient living space and state-of-the-art facilities. After meeting clients or exploring the city’s magnificence, you can dip yourself in a sizeable pool or conveniently walk across the street to experience the vibrant nightlife of Patpong.

The price tag for each room is reasonable. Overall, this property is an outstanding choice for price-conscious travelers.

9. Best Budget Hotels in Silom

Suppose you are looking for even cheaper hotels in the Silom area. I suggest considering the following:

Warm Window Silom – This hotel is a hidden gem. Warm Window Silom is located in the central districts of Silom near the Hindu temple, with a lively local community comprising a street food market and various famous restaurants.

Room options consist of standard hotel rooms and dormitories. The room rates are very affordable, making the hotel an excellent choice for regular tourists and backpackers.

Silom One Hotel – This top-rated hotel is close to the Patpong market and nightlife venues, making it an absolute choice for nightlife lovers.

Tiang Studio – Another excellent choice for budget tourists, Tiang Studio offers modestly spacious rooms with good facilities at inexpensive room rates.

Silom Space Hostel – This is a solid option for guests who need to commute to other destinations from Silom, as the hostel is between BTS and MRT stations. Rooms are compact but adequate for solo travelers.


Besides hotels, Silom boasts numerous apartments available for short-term rentals. Visit Vrbo.com to find out the best ones now.

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