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6 Best Koh Mak Hotels and Resorts | Worth the Price


Koh Mak (also spelled Ko Mak) is an island in the Gulf of Thailand. Located between Koh Chang and Koh Kood, Koh Mak is another excellent choice for travelers to appreciate the picturesque ocean views from its secluded white-sand beaches.

To make the most of your trip, I recommend spending 1-2 nights on Koh Mak before departing to stay in Koh Kood or elsewhere. This post thus aims to help you find outstanding hotels and resorts to stay in without the need to devote valuable hours researching (which can be worse if you do not know Thai.)

Affiliate Disclosure: Tourist Sense uses affiliate links in this article. We may receive a small commission from our partners if you book a room through them. However, we are always committed to integrity and transparency. You can be confident that the information we present here is unbiased.

Best Koh Mak hotels should be on beachfront.
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Things to Know

Getting to Your Koh Mak Hotels

Getting to Koh Mak can be a bit trickier than its peers, Koh Chang and Koh Kood. The most straightforward way is to ask your hotel to arrange private transportation from Bangkok. Thus, you will be saved from all the displeasure.

Suppose your hotel does not offer this service. I suggest you take the long-distance bus from the Ekamai Bus Terminal in Bangkok to Trat. Renting a car and driving to Trat is also another excellent option preferred by most Thais. Still, I do not recommend foreigners to drive in Thailand (but driving a motorbike or scooter in Koh Mak is ok.)

Once you are there, take a taxi to Laem Ngop Pier to get on a public speedboat to Koh Mak. After arriving at Koh Mak Pier, contact your hotel to pick you up.

I recommend using Bookaway to book tickets for bus and ferry. Using this site is much more straightforward than booking directly, especially if you do not know Thai.

The most important part is that you should be at Laem Ngop Pier no later than 4 PM, which is when the last speedboat of the day departs. This means you should depart Bangkok before 11 AM.

Lunch and Dinner

Koh Mak is mostly a secluded island with very few permanent residents. Hence, unlike typical Thai islands, Koh Mak has almost no restaurants and bars. This means you will likely rely on your hotel’s restaurants for lunch and dinner.


  • All hotels are located in Koh Mak.
  • The hotel must receive primarily positive reviews from actual guests: The verified review score across all review sites must be above 80% (8/10 or 4/5).
  • The property should have excellent hygienic conditions.
  • The hotel must provide good amenities and facilities that align with its official ratings (stars).
  • Free Wi-Fi must be available for guests.
  • All rooms must be air-conditioned.
  • The hotel must have a fully functional website and social media for guests to contact if needed.
  • If I had a chance to stay at the hotel, my personal experience must be positive.

The article will pinpoint the key strengths of each hotel. The information provided is from the hotel’s official website, public reviews across various platforms (We do read those reviews and use such data to evaluate comprehensive service quality), and my personal experience.

Mosquitoes and Other Insects

Like other parts of Thailand, Koh Mak can have numerous mosquitoes that can get in your room anytime. Hence, I suggest you buy insect repellents from Bangkok or Trat. I prefer organic repellent sprays, which you can apply to your skin or clothes before going to bed.

Best Koh Mak Hotels

TOP Pick

Seavana Koh Mak Beach Resort

A luxury resort offering spacious rooms with magnificent views and full-fledged facilities. The atmosphere is relaxing, and the food and service are marvelous. This makes this resort a top choice in Koh Mak

1. Seavana Koh Mak Beach Resort

Located on the western side of Koh Mak, Seavana Koh Mak Beach Resort is an outstanding local-owned romantic retreat that offers one of the best views island-wide. The property offers an unrivaled private beach that allows guests to enjoy the serene turquoise seascape undisturbed.

  • Address: 1/23 Moo2, Koh Mak, Ko Kut District, Trat 23120
  • Check-in/out: 2 PM/12 PM


All the accommodations are private villas alongside the beach area (all rooms are no more than 60 steps away from the sea,) allowing guests to appreciate the stunning ocean views from their rooms.

Each villa is decorated in a modern style blended meticulously with local art, which in turn creates a unique soothing atmosphere.

You can choose from the following room types (the floor area indicated below includes the room and the terrace):

  • Seaview Room70 sqm (753 sqft) | This room is located on the ground floor of the 2-story villa, offering direct beach access to guests.
  • Deluxe Beachfront 80 sqm (861 sqft) | This room has a spacious patio paralleling the beach.
  • Jacuzzi Seaview85 sqm (915 sqft) | Located on the top floor of the villa, this room has a spacious balcony and a jacuzzi area.
  • Suite Beachfront115 sqm (1237 sqft) | Essentially a luxurious bungalow, this room has an outdoor spa bathtub in a private garden and a terrace overlooking the beach.

Regarding room size, each room is huge, even by the Thai resort’s standards. Hence, you will have sufficient space for your family to relax.

All rooms are air-conditioned and have outstanding amenities, ranging from local-made bath amenities, beach towels, satellite TV (with international channels), an aromatic lamp, a tea set, and many more. You can rest assured that the time spent there is memorable.

Facilities and Services

  • A restaurant and a beach bar
  • An outdoor swimming pool
  • Private beach with comprehensive beach facilities, including sunrise decks, hammocks, water sports, etc.
  • Aroma massage services
  • A traditional herb garden
  • “Slow-life” activities
  • Concierge (arranging transportation, tours, etc.)

Bottom Line


  • Relaxing atmosphere hotel-wide
  • Spacious rooms with full-fledged room amenities
  • Offer magnificent ocean views in all rooms, unarguably one of the best in Koh Mak.
  • Private beach with a variety of facilities
  • Tasty breakfast and dinner + Free breakfast for all bookings
  • Friendly and always-smiling staff providing exceptional hospitality
  • Reasonable room rates

Seavana Koh Mak Beach Resort

A picturesque hotel with phenomenal sea views: The rooms are spacious and highly comfortable due to their well-equipped facilities.

The food and service also mark the best of Koh Mak’s, while the room rates are very reasonable, offering unbeatable value for money. You will never regret staying at this property.

2. Mira Montra Resort Koh Mak

Situated near the reserve of Koh Mak, Mira Montra Resort Koh Mak is probably the best choice for travelers looking for hotels that allow them to admire the best of tropical nature. The atmosphere is remarkably tranquil and paradise-like. Guests can take their time to relieve their body and soul from work-related stresses.

  • Address: 113 Ko Mak, Ko Kut District, Trat
  • Check-in/out: 2 PM/12 PM


This resort’s concept is to be a place where serenity and modern comfort “blissfully converge.” Hence, each room and villa has a contemporary design, albeit with traditional Thai decorations and rustic oceanic furnishings that suit well with the surroundings.

Currently, there are five room types to choose from, as follows:

  • Hilltop Sea View Room40 sqm (431 sqft) | This room is part of the main building, located on top of the hill overlooking the beach. Its hilltop position offers panoramic sea views.
  • Deluxe Villa 50 sqm (538 sqft) | A villa with a vaulted ceiling surrounded by a tropical garden, plus sea views. Some are on the beachfront.
  • Family Villa 140 sqm (1506 sqft) | A huge tropical villa with two bedrooms and a living room. The vaulted ceiling of this villa is decorated in a Thai traditional style commonly used in ancient houses. All family villas have ocean views, though only some have direct access to the beach.

The hilltop sea view rooms and deluxe villas are spacious for 2-3 guests, which aligns with other Thai resorts. However, the family villa offers a particularly huge room area, which makes it a top option for families.

Regarding room facilities, all rooms come with excellent amenities such as a flat-screen TV, an indoor and outdoor shower, bath amenities, and many more.

Facilities and Services

  • A restaurant
  • An outdoor pool
  • Private beach with various beach activities to participate in such as snorkeling, kayaking, etc.
  • Thai massage and treatments

Bottom Line


  • Situated next to a national reserve of Koh Mak, the hotel offers remarkable serenity.
  • 10/10 for the cleanliness of the rooms and the beach
  • All rooms boast picturesque ocean views.
  • Huge family villas, making the property the top choice for parents with kids
  • Free breakfast for all bookings
  • Stunning private beach (Ao Pra)
  • Kind, polite, and attentive staff

Mira Montra Resort Koh Mak

A resort with an excellent ambiance of relaxation and serenity, allowing guests to unwind without worry. Each room and villa is spacious and well-equipped, especially the family villa, which makes it suitable for families. The service is also professional and cordial.

Furthermore, most guests have complimented the hotel for its overall cleanliness and the variety of activities it offers. You won’t run out of things to do during your stay.

3. Koh Mak White Sand Beach

Koh Mak White Sand Beach is a 3-star resort situated in Ao Kao, the southern part of Koh Mak, which is livelier than other areas. Several restaurants and bars are nearby, but they are not within walking distance. You may need to rent a motorcycle or a scooter to reach them.

Like other resorts in this article, Koh Mak White Sand Beach has a private beach, which is a pristine stretch of Ao Kao that puts everyone in harmony with nature.

  • Address: 60 Moo 1, Ko Mak, Trat 23120
  • Check-in/out: 2 PM/11 AM


All rooms in this hotel are villas decorated in a blend of modern and tropical styles. Surrounding each villa are lush coconut plantations and towering palm trees, a greenery that promotes stress relief.

Currently, the resort puts forward two room types for selection: Sunset Beachfront and Sunshine Pool Villas. The former offers guests direct beach access, while the latter is 50 meters away from the beach and has a pool view.

Both have a spacious private rooftop terrace on the second floor for guests to take in the sea views at any time of the day.

Each villa’s size is 40 sqm (430 sqft.) Despite not being the largest rooms on the island, they are still spacious enough for two guests to not feel crowded and allow a comfortable rest.

Moreover, all crucial room facilities are present, including a super cozy bed, a sofa, bath amenities, and a television, allowing you to enjoy every minute in the room.

Facilities and Services

  • A restaurant and bar (with a cozy atmosphere and stunning ocean views)
  • Private beach
  • Tennis and badminton courts and a gym
  • A swimming pool
  • Thai massage
  • A business center designed for workcation
  • Tours and excursions, including cooking classes, scuba diving, museum tours, etc.

Bottom Line


  • Located in a livelier part of Koh Mak, but still retains the tranquility
  • Sufficiently spacious villas for a couple
  • Most guests applaud the private terrace’s scenery and soothing atmosphere.
  • Has a modern in-house co-working space with fast and reliable internet, making the resort one of the best hotels in Koh Mak for workcation
  • Lovely and helpful staff
  • Reasonable room rates, offering an excellent value for money

Koh Mak White Sand Beach

The resort shines as one of the best resorts for workcation in Koh Mak. Apart from a comfortable villa and a caring service, it has the right location (with restaurants and bars in the vicinity) and facilities for a long-term stay (co-working space with good internet).

In addition, the atmosphere is serene and relaxing, allowing guests to work productively. Room rates are also fair. You really could not ask for more.

4. The Mak Trat

The Mak Trat is a resort with a “nature-inspired” concept. In other words, guests could experience the absolute calmness of nature and indulge in luxuries at the same time.

Since the resort is in the northern part of Koh Mak, the surroundings are essentially secluded, which makes it a flawless choice for travelers seeking a peaceful retreat.

  • Address: 111, Ko Mak, Ko Kut District, Trat 23120
  • Check-in/out: 3 PM/11 AM


All rooms are contemporary-style villas with tropical, local Thai & Balinese elements according to a nature-inspired concept. This makes the interior aesthetically pleasing. Guests can appreciate the sea view from every room. However, booking beachfront villas would be optimal if you want the best views.

The room types available for booking are as follows:

  • Sala Villa56 sqm/603 sqft | Standard rooms have partial sea views, but beachfront ones (with unobstructed views) are also available, albeit significantly pricier.
  • Sky-view Villa60 sqm/646 sqft | The villa offers a panoramic view of the bay through its rooftop terrace. A large daybed is provided for a lie-down to admire the scenery. Like Sala Villa, the beachfront ones are also available.
  • Two-Bedroom Family Villa112 sqm/1205 sqft | Designed for families, this 2-story duplex villa is huge and lavish. Each bedroom faces the sea, so you can enjoy the seaside right away upon waking up.

The Mak Trat’s villas are spacious and equipped with comprehensive facilities, including an indoor and outdoor shower, a large terrace, a chair and daybed, bath amenities, a hair dryer, minibars, and many more.

Facilities and Services

  • A beachfront restaurant and bar
  • Massage and treatments
  • An outdoor swimming pool
  • Private Beach along with related activities

Bottom Line


  • Located in the secluded area of Koh Mak
  • Relaxing and delightful atmosphere
  • Spacious, well-designed villas
  • Every villa has an ocean view. Some even have panoramic views.
  • Free breakfast for all bookings
  • Pet-friendly
  • Friendly and helpful staff

The Mak Trat

The resort offers luxurious villas with comfortable living space, state-of-the-art room facilities, and magnificent ocean views at a reasonable room rate. The staff is attentive and friendly. The views around the resort are picturesque, making it an excellent choice for those who love selfies.

5. Islanda Resort Hotel

Among the resorts in Koh Mak, Islanda Resort Hotel‘s location may be the best of all. Perched on a hill overlooking Ao Pra, the views from the hotel are undeniably breathtaking. The sea breeze is also stronger, driving out mosquitoes and cooling down the heat.

Furthermore, the property is conveniently located between Ao Pra and Ao Kao, two key beaches of Koh Mak. Therefore, guests can visit both with ease. Several restaurants, shops, and bars are also within walking distance from the hotel. Thus, you will have plenty of dining options for lunch and dinner.

  • Address: 81 Moo 2, Ko Mak, Ko Kood, Trat 23120
  • Check-in/out: 2 PM/12 PM


All rooms are decorated in a modern tropical style with classical Thai elements. Every room (excluding the Garden Terrace that is on the ground floor) offers a fantastic view of the ocean.

A private balcony is available in each room for guests to enjoy the scenery and the cooling sea breeze.

The room types available for selection are as follows:

  • Garden Terrace 34 sqm/366 sqft | This room is located on the ground floor. Twin or King beds are available.
  • Pool Terrace/Deluxe Ocean Terrace 34 sqm/366 sqft | This room type is more or less similar to the Garden Terrace, although it is on the 2nd floor (3rd floor for the Deluxe Ocean Terrace), so both have an ocean view and a pool view.
  • Family Room38 sqm/409 sqft | This room has direct pool access. The beds in the room are one king and 2 extra (single) beds.
  • Grand Ocean Suite45 sqm/484 sqft | Unarguably, this room is the best option for scenery lovers. Since the room is at the corner of the building, guests can enjoy the panoramic ocean view from their spacious balcony.

Considering that this hotel is 3-star, the room size is outstandingly spacious. Room facilities are also of high quality, including an LCD TV, tea & coffee set, slippers, and a hair dryer to help you stay comfortable throughout the night.

Facilities and Services

  • A restaurant with spectacular ocean views
  • An outdoor swimming pool
  • Reading area
  • Concierge

Bottom Line


  • Excellent location, best for travelers who want to explore Koh Mak
  • Clean, spacious rooms with good facilities
  • Stunning views from a restaurant and pool
  • Free breakfast for all bookings
  • Welcoming and friendly staff
  • Inexpensive room rates

Islanda Resort Hotel

This 3-star hotel offers spacious rooms and good facilities, along with a magnificent panoramic view of Koh Mak. The scenery alone justifies the price tag. The staff is also cordial and hospitable.

The only drawback is that the hotel does not offer a private beach. However, you can rent a bike or walk to the public beach nearby, which will take no more than 6 minutes.

6. Lazy Day The Resort

Lazy Day The Resort is one of the budget-friendly hotels located in the southern area of Koh Mak, but the atmosphere there is probably the most romantic. The hotel is known for its stunning sunset spot and the magnificent starry sky, which make the resort extremely popular among couples or honeymooners.

Several restaurants and bars are also within its vicinity, but not within walking distance. Therefore, getting a motorcycle is recommended.

  • Address: 1/23 Moo2, Koh Mak, Ko Kut District, Trat 23120
  • Check-in/out: 2 PM/ 11 AM


The resort has only 12 bungalows. All of them beachfront, and surrounded by lush organic coconut plantations. The interior design is old-school Thai modern with some dark wood furniture.

Currently, the room types are as follows:

  • Sunset Single/Twin Bungalow34 sqm (366 sqft) | The bungalow has a double bed and a single bed, allowing guests to sleep up to 4 people.
  • Sunset Extra Twin Bungalow42 sqm (452 sqft) | This room type is similar to the one above, albeit with some additional room space.
  • Lazy Bungalow56 sqm (603 sqft) | The bungalow has one king bed and a single bed, accommodating up to 4.

All bungalows have ocean views and are located only 20 meters from the beach. Hence, guests can enjoy the sea breeze and the scenery every minute of their stay.

Each room has considerable room facilities at your disposal, including a workspace, a private balcony with a sunlounger, bath amenities, etc. Regarding room size, each bungalow is pretty spacious and can sleep up to four comfortably. This makes this resort a promising option for families and group travelers.

Facilities and Services

  • A bar and restaurant
  • Private beach
  • Tours and excursions

Bottom Line


  • Breathtaking sunset views
  • All rooms are spacious and have ocean views
  • Every booking includes a free breakfast.
  • Excellent food quality from the restaurant
  • Cordial and fabulous staff
  • Inexpensive room rates

Lazy Day The Resort

A budget-friendly hotel that many travelers consider a hidden gem of Koh Mak: The bungalows are spacious and well-equipped. The scenery is beyond stunning, especially the sunset. The food and service are exceptional, making the property offer excellent value for money overall.

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